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What's it about?
  Rebreathers – a very special under water adventure and the future of recreational diving!
  Add to this a lot of fun as well as relaxation. The passionate diver will discover many advantages diving a rebreather and immersing himself into a truly silent world, like he has never experienced it before. The rebreather gives us longer bottom times, almost eliminating decompression obligations, and we will have the pleasure of breathing warm, moist air. One of the major advantages however is the possibility of approaching all the fish and other sea creatures in complete silence, getting you even closer to them and enabling you to observe them in their natural surroundings without interrupting their
normal behaviour.

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive choice of rebreathers, so that every user will find a unit to their liking and abilities in the Rebreather Pool.

  You are not a qualified rebreather diver yet? Not a problem! A beginner’s course will only take 3 days!   As a member of the rebreather pool, you will have all the advantages of using a rebreather, but in accordance with what you need and want.