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  Rebreathers are getting more and more popular amongst sport divers and technical divers alike. We at the Rebreather Pool Clubs have been working with rebreathers for a very long time now and have gained valuable experience over the years. Our goal is to share our passion and make bubble-free diving accessible to everyone.
  Thorough training will keep you safe and can only be guaranteed by professional, experienced instructors. Of course you will have a large team of well-versed instructors at your disposal, who will be pleased to help you with any questions you might have during your stay with us and guide you through your training.
  Volker Clausen: Volker is our IANTD Instructor Trainer for the Evolution/ Inspiration and the Poseidon „Discovery“ MkVl and is also in charge of technical diving and instructor training. He has been diving rebreathers for the better part of his life and is the most experienced instructor of the team.
  Ahmed Ismael: Ahmed Ismael is Instructor fort he Poseidon MKVI. He conducts the courses with IART or SSI. Languages: Arabic, French, English, German
  Wolfgang Jocham: Wolfgang Jocham is an SSI Poseidon MKVI Instructor Trainer plus IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor for the following units: Inspiration/Evolution and rEvo. Languages: German, English
  Anze Petric: Anze Petric is an IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor for Inspiration/Evolution also SSI Instructor for Poseidon MkVI. Language: German, English, Slovenia