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  Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive choice of rebreathers, so that every user will find a unit to their liking and abilities in the Rebreather Pool.
  The Rebreather Pool is currently offering the following units for rent:
Poseidon Discovery MK VI
A.P. Inspiration/ Evolution
rEVo III Hybrid
  The Poseidon MkVI Discovery is a state-of- the- art rebreather equipped with the latest technology, making it extremely easy to handle and use. It has been especially designed for a rebreather diving audience that would like to stay within the realms of recreational diving, without forfeiting the benefits a rebreather affords them, such as vastly extended dive times and bubbleless-ness, and with it a perfect integration into the underwater world, making it perfect for photographers.
It is THE perfect choice for beginners.
  The A.P. Inspiration or Evolution could almost be considered the „classic“rebreather. This rebreather has been around for quite a while and almost everybody has seen one of them before. They are certainly amongst the most dived rebreathers world-wide and have constantly evolved and improved over the years into one of the most dependable rebreathers you could find on the market. . On this unit, an entry-level trimix course can be taken in conjunction with the user course.
  The Belgian-made rEvo III Hybrid is a completely fuss-free unit. Easy in set-up and handling, it is a very dependable unit. It is a very compact yet robust rebreather, which due to its design will afford you a very stable and comfortable position in the water. The rEvo is suitable for ambitious beginners, but due to its design, rather lends itself to technical and decompression diving.